CalmerYoga provides yoga instruction in the North East Wales and Chester region.

Carol Guy
BSYA (Child)

BA (Hons) 

Yoga to suit you and your lifestyle
* One-to-one tuition
* Group Tuition
* Children's Lessons
* Special Needs 
 Prices - Private Tuition in your own home. 
12:00 per session  - one to one tuition
10:00  per person per session -  2 people
 8:00  per person per session - 3 or more people

Rates  for block bookings of six sessions:
 * 60.00 for 1 person (10.00 per session)
 * 48.00 per person for two people (8:00 per session)
 * 36.00 per person for 3 or more people (6.00 per session)

A session lasts between one and one and a half  hours

The first session will be an introductory session which will take approximately one and a half hours. This includes one hour’s yoga and half an hour to assess your individual needs. This first session will cost 15 for one person, 12 per person for 2 people, or 10 per person for 3 people or more. This is payable on the night.

* All sessions take place in your own home
* Yoga equipment can be provided (at no extra cost)

Contact Carol:
Mobile:       07999 888254
Email:        carol.guy@calmeryoga.co.uk